Friday, April 13, 2012

Beauty in Decay (Part II)

Quick shot of the baby bird
before being drawn

Some days just walking down the street can be difficult for an artist. Composition, color, value, arrangements, textures, and a myriad of other tantalizing visual spectacles hit the eyes at lightening speed from all directions, dance in the mind and urn to come out through the hand in pen, pencil, oils or even clay.

Today my tantalizing spectacle was a dead baby bird lying on the sidewalk. Fascinating! I walked away and walked home. Opened the door to my house and then promptly grabbed a napkin and went back to retrieve the baby bird. It was a plethora of color, shapes, composition, value and unending interest for me for several hours this morning.

Used watercolors and acrylics
for this study

Study (finished) of baby bird

Many artists throughout time
have been fascinated by decay.
Study of a dead stag by Beatrix Potter from
one of my favorite and cherished art books.

There is beauty in decay. All you have to do is look silently and closely without a judgmental eye.

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