Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Xylene...

Lazer transfers of butterfly images
using the Xylene transfer method.

Transferring images to various surfaces remains foremost on my mind. The toxicity of the can of Xylene I purchased also lingers in my thoughts so I have been holding my ideas at bay till I can get them all out in one felt swoop, preferably outside where the fumes from the Xylene can go up and…well, somewhere. I've mentioned it before and will reiterate that this stuff is toxic.


If you plan on following my lead and playing with Xylene transfers do not do it without rubber gloves AND a proper vapor respirator. I'm fairly tolerant to all sorts of smells and "dangerous" art supplies and I must admit that many times I've lived on the wild side and thrown caution to the wind with my art supplies, but I've never come face to face with a supply so potent and dangerous as Xylene. It works amazingly, but it hits the senses and produces a headache almost instantaneously. It's dangerous. Thankfully I do have a vapor respirator which I use for dangerous work, but Xylene is way too strange to be dealt with in an enclosed area since the headache seems to happen the MOMENT I've taken the respirator off and leave the room. So any work can not be done in the house.

Colored xeroxes waiting
to be transferred to a surface

Xylene transfer of colored xeroxes: fail

My transfer projects will have to wait for a nice (non windy) day to be let out. Of course, when things go wrong, like they did with the xerox transfer the creative process (the part where I have to ponder what happened and what I could do to remedy it) is put on hold and sometimes creative fires dwindle and die as they did on trying to transfer my little mice images to surfaces.

Right now any reproductive ideas about my mice have dwindled and for that I am sad since I really had great expectations, but I'm sure such ideas will be revisited later on down the road. For now I've gone back to haring the little Maureen Love foal in bay roan and poking about with my new desk Zen Garden. And wouldn't you know it? Even in my new sand garden….a heart!

Maureen Love foal in bay roan
(will be a sales item this week.)

My little desk zen garden

Stone in the garden was yes, a heart

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