Saturday, April 28, 2012

Amazing Day

Welcome to Breyer Headquarters!

What an amazing day!

Ive been collecting and repainting Breyer model horses since I was about 9 years old. I became an editorial contributor for their publication "Just About Horses" in 2001 and wrote consistently for years for them but today was the very first time I ever got to visit the offices and warehouse at Breyer during their "Kids Only" event.

There is only one word: Amazing.

I had an amazing time. From being given a private tour of the famous archive room (no pictures ALL...sorry...there WERE INCREDIBLE samples in that room...Im still drooling over the black copenhagen dappled...pieces) to the private factory tour where they paint the small collector runs to meeting the very dedicated and horse loving staff, I was intrigued. I felt right at home and enjoyed every minute teaching the children (and, believe it or not, their parents) how to use the "Painting" set. It's hours later and I'm still on cloud nine.

It was an incredibly memorable day for me. An extremely happy day.

No pictures allowed! Was told after I took this shot. Beautiful reception area and office space. Its a converted warehouse VERY well designed to suit their needs!

HUGE box of unpainteds which were distributed to visitors during my painting tutorial.

A heart shows up during the tutorial....of course.

Graphite and watercolor on watercolor paper

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