Friday, April 27, 2012

Six Hours

View from the Delaware Water Gap bridge
Watercolor on Strathmore Watercolor paper

Six Hours...

...that is about how long it took me to get from PA to NJ today. It was a long wait. It was grueling. It was tiring. It was torturous. It was never ending. I sat in traffic for over an hour and a half without moving on the bridge of the Delaware Water Gap. An apparent accident, complete with helicopters overhead, was the cause of the jam up. No matter how bad my day seemed to be going at that moment in time I realized it really wasn't as bad as the person or people who were obviously involved in the accident. I had paper. I had watercolors with me and I decided to flesh out the beautiful mountains before me. After all, painting was the reason I was making this journey. I'd be teaching young artists how to paint the next day at the Breyer factory in Wayne NJ. How could I let this beautiful vista go without somehow capturing it with paint?

Impromptu set up in the car during the traffic jam.

After an hour and a half there was no more to capture and my mind was intent on leaving....going...getting the hell out of that situation and I just followed cars off a ramp. I didn't care where it lead I just had to get out of sitting. I can't sit still, and did my best. It was time to jet...even to a motel somewhere in the Poconos. I just needed to get away from sitting and not doing anything.

After hours of even more sitting in more traffic on another route (we were all routed in the same direction) I finally made it to my destination.

After hour 5 I called in the reserves....I was beyond cranky!

Some days the universe just makes you come to a complete halt and sit. I've not discovered why this is so and it goes against my grain...against my very soul. I can tell you it felt great to be finally in my room at the hotel and I believe the little mice enjoyed finally getting out too. Yes, I brought them. I don't know why. Perhaps because I knew I'd be stuck in traffic and would need a funny diversion for a spell.

Playing with the little mice.

More play....

...and yes, more play. Cause in case I forget...
they know where to go!

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