Thursday, April 26, 2012

Between The Ages 7-14

Preparing models for the painting presentation.

Between the ages 7-14 I was deep in play, thought and repainting model horses. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else captivated my interest like my Breyers. Strange that years and years later I've been asked to speak at a "Kids Only" event at the very factory that helped fuel my equine passions.

I am very excited to have been invited as a guest to speak at Breyer's event and as I prepare to demonstrate various painting techniques to children between the ages of 7 and 14 I'm reminiscing about my own childhood.

The painting set the company sent me is actually pretty cool. I would have died for a painting set that came complete with two unpainted horses, a brush, a "how-to" booklet and (the biggest score of all) little containers of factory...yes, Breyer factory, paint!

I've spent the last two days fiddling around with this set and I have to say I am most intrigued by the fact that it includes factory paint. Anyone who has tried to repair a scratch on an Original Factory finish Breyer knows that acrylic paints, no matter what the brand, just don't seem to work 100%. One can come close to matching the color when trying to hide a scratch or mar but it never ever comes close. Im happy to say that THIS paint in these painting sets DO match..

One of my favorite mares the Running Mare #124.

Since I was getting misty and all reminiscent I decided to bring along a few of my old pals to the workshop. The very first horse I ever painted and another handsome stud is coming along for the ride. My all time favorite mare (the Running Mare #124) however was saved for the "touch up test" with these paints supplied in the painting kit.

I am most thrilled to say that the scratches on her are hidden very well. So, OF collectors (and repair artists) you may want to invest in one of these painting sets as the colors are a spot on exact match for repairs.

Before: Scratches on the Running mare.

After: Scratches touched up with factory paint.

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