Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love Junk

Repainting a terra cotta planter.
Step one: black.

I love junk. I love discarded junk. I love other people's junk. I will slam on the brakes in the car if there is good junk on the side of the road. Junk is awesome.

There is a spot in the woods I check every time I go for a walk. It's filled with junk. Every time I check there is always some wonderful junk to take home with me. Yesterday, the choice junk was blue stone slate and discard brick, which I actually need for my backyard bistro project. Score!

My good friends know me well. They know I love junk. They laugh at that. My close friends however give me junk. They give me THEIR junk when they are done with it because they know I can use it and I suspect they get excited seeing how I re purpose their junk.

This week I met with my old college buddy Abbi who has an appetite for fabric and silk flowers. For her wedding she couldn't stop purchasing flowers. I suppose she didn't want to get caught without enough for her affair. She over purchased and the extra soon became junk taking up space in her home. She got into a cleaning jag recently and all of those unused flowers which once held promise were now a real annoyance. Before she tossed them though she asked if I could use them. Honestly I didn't have a use for them, but I knew once I had them in the studio I WOULD find a use and I did! I turned them into a pretty bouquets! In the process I also happened to rejuvenate my spirits for commission work and am on a wonderful creative high.


So, if you are attending Vicky Bartlow's Bloomsburg show these pieces (and more) will be available for purchase. Don't forget...Mother's Day is approaching!

Terra cotter planter step 2: light green

Terra cotta planter step 3: high whites
dry brushed onto planter

Arrangements made with silk flowers
and various planters

Butterfly wall plaques

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