Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clinky Madness

Chaney drafter getting china painted

It's china madness here right now. From porcelain ratties and bunnies being made to horses being china painted to little boxes being adorned with little mice, it's an explosion of clinky goodness. I'm just in that zone right now I guess. Oh, and for those who love resin I'm trying to complete my Lil Pumpkin sm pony sculpture for resin release. The release will be extremely limited with china pieces (hopefully) to follow.

More mice boxes being drawn out

Everything here with Pumpkin will be limited. After all this time I'm still not finished with the artist choice Opus resins. I'm rather disappointed with myself over that one, but have learned to keep things short and small since my mind and hands wander terribly on many projects.

Oh and ps I'll be opening my commission books again shortly (probably later this week). So, stay tuned! :)

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