Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring & Blog Sale!

"Maybell" the very first Listen sculpt

My weekend workload has been intricate and fast paced. I wanted to share everything created this weekend with you.

My rattie run "Listen" is on the verge of being released. I've decided to release three pieces at a time at a fixed price. A fourth will be released on eBay for those who missed the first three. Each one is going to be completely different than the next. The first three will consist of a black hooded, a blue russian and a PEW.

Tealight with experimental glaze

This one had nice feminine curves to it and the experimenting I conducted on the outside glaze actually WORKED this time! Yeah! I love that look.

Of course, how could I start the season of Spring without some mice? These four little critters popped out of the boxes. There is a ballerina doing some dance, a lonely little guy offering a flower, a dude just chillin and saying hi, and yes, that boy on the top is picking his toes. Don't ask. I just draw what I see in my head.

New Spring mice boxes! Approx. 1"
Thank you so much!

I'm opening up their sale to my blog readers first as a "thank you" for your continued dedication to reading my blog. Thank you for coming here every day and checkin' out what is happenin' in my studio. I enjoy your personal letters and comments so much. You can just email me at:

Tomorrow I'll offer the ones that are left (if there are any) to my NEWS group. Oh, here is a picture of the bottom of the box:

Side of mice box

There is just a little bit of spring grass around the entire bottom. The inside of the box can be personalized too if you'd like. One word or name only though. There isn't much room but I can use my fine crow quill to get in there. ;)

And that was my weekend!
I hope you had a great weekend as well.

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