Monday, March 9, 2009

Full Speed!

Ratties in the wet box

Today I blasted out of the starting gate at full speed. Packages being mailed and bills being paid. Ratties were also on the list of "to-dos" and I was able to cast 3 more today. I have found that the plaster molds can only handle 3 castings in porcelain during any given day. I was happy for that today cause I was tired of prying plaster pieces away from fragile porcelain by the afternoon.

I have thankfully found a very efficient way to clean the rats up. I also found that hand rolled tails DO crack once applied to the molded body. I found a way to fix the tail mold that wasn't really forming properly. I added a drainage ditch to the tail mold and that solved the tail problem. So I'm now full speed ahead casting rat sculptures and their tails.

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