Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Those Lost In The Fray

"Lil Pumpkin" a sm sized pony
She is in progress and not finished

Sometimes pieces get lost in the fray here. Days, weeks, months and sometimes even years go by before I finish some of these projects. The two pieces I'm showing off today are two examples of things getting lost in the fray. For whatever reason they both got pushed to the back, back, BACK burners.

Cone 10 porcelain vase
with cone 6 glaze

The little epoxy pony has yet to find closure. I'd venture to guess that for about two years she has been "in progress". I have added to her. I have taken away from her. I have never yet been satisfied with her. This year, however I am determined to finish her. If not for my NAN 09 donation, I'll finish her for myself because it IS important to bring closure to projects. If no one wants her once she is cast and fired and looking pretty in porcelain, it will be ok. She is about to teach me even more about casting and mold making and she will teach me new lessons in working with porcelain than any classroom situation can.
My fear however is that May is just too close for a deadline for such lessons. We'll see.

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