Saturday, March 14, 2009

Showin' Off Some Finishes

Custom glazed "Brownie"
with OOAK earthenware base

Today, I wanted to show off some finishes.

All three pieces had many inspirational moments attached to them, especially the "Brownie". I feel like my handle and understanding of the china painting process has furthered incredibly in the past few months. Working hard in December on some tight porcelain deadlines really made me get in and "get it right" right there. There was no pussyfooting around or whimpering. I had people waiting for boxes to be painted for the holiday and I had to deal with color firing off and images not getting dark enough in a short period of time. Reds and pinks were being lost like crazy and I finally figured out how to combat that issue. I'm so glad too cause this little Brownie was able to receive the cutest little pink muzzle. December was like a crash course and it seemed to really influence my custom glazing of the equines. I feel super confident to paint every bisque waiting in the storage room collecting dust. I have never felt that way till now. Next, I'm gonna tackle my bisque Otto.

Everything here is 100% painted by hand. No airbrush. Just me, my brushes and the figurine. I'm very pleased.

"Brownie" showing off his front side

"Taboo" resin in bay roan appy
commission for a very patient client

By the way, the Taboo was a commission and will be going home to his owner (who was a complete gem while she waited for him to be finished). The Brownie and unicorn will be sales items probably going up to auction this weekend. I'm very excited to officially unveil all their photographs.

More information about sales pieces coming soon at Danza Ceramics News Group. Please join if not already a member.

Porcelain unicorn custom glazed

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