Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Loza Mold: 15, Jenn: 0...Again.

The Loza mold....waiting.

Today, I put on my best fighten' duds and put-em up to do battle with the imfamous "Loza" mold that has sat in my studio storage room for over a year now.

I was pouring "Listen" molds and decided to do battle with a Loza mold. This is the Quarter Horse mold that I have yet to get ONE good greenware casting from. Today was the day I did battle with this slip mold once again. Today I was armed with hard cold porcelain slip. Porcelain loves me. I love it. My confidence level was beyond a number 10.


Today, I used some tricks I picked up along the way after casting the Iberian medallion, the mustang mold, the pony medallion, Hedgie and the 6-part mold Listen. The rattie mold was actually shivering at my ability. Pashaw! How dare it think I couldn't handle it's six parts like a pro. But, today I did battle...

NOOoooooo!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!

That is just so unfair!

....and today I lost. Again.

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