Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Needed supplies for the trip

Always and without fail one of the first people to wish me a happy birthday on my day is my brother. I was a December baby and never had experienced the fun of a pool party or BBQ on my special day like my brother, the Cancer. No, my birthdays were normally very cold and in some cases, snowy. As a matter of fact, the one and only party my mother planned and tried to hold for me when I was a kid was canceled due to a blizzard.

He confessed once that he felt really bad about this situation and guilty when we'd race out of the pool to sit down to hamburgers and hot dogs at his party. He said it would be cool if we could switch just for one year. I agreed. It would be cool.

This year however, if I wait just 14 more days from now, I have been promised an amazing birthday/Christmas present. It's a swtich of sorts. A switch from familiar sights, sounds and colors of a winter birthday I have always known. The gift of a plane ticket to my brother's current residence in Maui. I have been promised a BBQ and the warmest most beautiful land eyes can view. He's the best brother a sister can have.

I am preparing for my journey and have no clue what to bring art wise. I want to paint. I want to draw and I want to sculpt. But since I can't do all that and will probably just be overwhelmed completely, I have chosen some small canvases to ship to Maui. I'm excited to see new colors and new landscapes. I've been told that it truly is paradise. In 14 days I'll find out....and I'll blog about it.

Some birthdays I got presents AND snow.

Me and my baby brother

Me and my baby brother.

Me and my baby brother.

Me and my baby brother.

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