Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day Five, Six and Seven: Ocean

Entrance to Little Beach.

The last few days have been about the ocean. I have not wanted to go anywhere else on the island but to the beach. There has been something so very soothing and healing in both the water and the rays of the sun on the Maui beaches that I fear once I have to leave the island I will crave these moments the most. I felt it best to get as many beach days in as possible. The beach is especially nice when I hear its snowing back home. Sand on my feet instead of snow in my boots is so much more welcome.

Of course I had to try my hand at a classic beach scene. Such scenes are difficult and in reviewing the painting process of this one Im not sure what makes them so difficult. Is it the contrast of color between the blues and whites of the waves? Or is it just such a worn out scene that has played in the minds of men for centuries that makes such a scene a challenge. I have no answers but it was a fun exercise, none-the-less. I documented the painting process.

Little Beach.

Big Beach

Painting Step-by-step

"The Ocean"
4" x 4"
Acrylic on canvas.

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