Friday, December 21, 2012

Day Two: Color Overload

Makeshift workspace.

I woke early around 5 A.M. to find that I couldn't contain my urge to paint all the colors I had seen the previous day. I can work from both photographs and real life and since I had taken many photos the day before I decided to pick one view that I loved the moment I viewed it.

This was a lookout point where we went whale watching. This area is where the whales come to have their babies. Saw a few come up out of the water and that was exciting. What I loved (and hated once I started painting this piece) was the texture and colors in the mountain. It was an extreme challenge to paint. I've actually restarted the piece on a bigger canvas as I don't feel 100% happy with this result.

Painting Step-by-step

"Lookout Point"
Maui Hawaii
Acrylic on canvas

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