Monday, December 24, 2012

Day Three & Four: Hana

Days three and four found me traveling up into the mountains of Maui along the smallest and windiest road I've ever been on. An enormously long and tiring trip all to get to the teeny town of Hana which features both black and red sand beaches. The road to Hana also provided some of the most breath taking waterfalls.

Although I was most excited to see enormous waterfalls, the stops that were "tactile" were my favorite and I found some strange healing in both the sands of the black sand beach in Hana and of the trees deep in the rainforest. I had never seen anything like either of these amazing sights. I couldn't stop touching the trees and the black sand beach was something I just had to see and feel on my feet one more time before making the three hour venture off the mountain.

These are only a few of the many photos I took on the excursion:

Black sand beach in Hana.

Contrast of feet in the sand
on the black sand beach of Maui.

Another shot of the black sand beach.
Beautiful contrasts.

Red sand beach

Amazing tree in Maui.

Bamboo forest in Maui.

Waterfalls in Hana

Heart shaped coral and rocks found on far.

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