Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Week

Cone 6 firing early in the morning

The week was the first week of school for my little one. I still can't believe we are at this stage already. I'm happy to report that he LOVES school and has been the very last student out of the classroom two days in a row 'cause he is enjoying himself. He is filled with excitement and has been chattering away about every aspect of his new routine. I love it. I'm so thrilled he is so happy.

Of course, the three hours he is away in school I have been down in the studio. I haven't had this much time to myself during the daytime in....well, I really don't remember when! I don't even know where to start my conversation since I have so much going on in the studio this week. Let's see....test strips are being made for all those wonderful new glazes I received for Christmas. I'm also testing colors on my porcelain clay. I pulled about 5 new vessels this week too and have more clay wedges ready for Thursday's session. Today and tomorrow are horse days. I'm hunkerin' down and making progress on the Mini Scarlett that is visiting me and am finishing up the Taboo. He's lovely and I wish I didn't have to give him up. But it's ok, both are going to great homes and will be enjoyed I'm sure.

There is a ton of other stuff going on too, most of which involves clay and wax. Lots of hand building with clay going on here and I have to confess that I'm loving it.

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