Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wall Hangers

Wall hanger with lace impressions

I tend to hoard things. If something rips or breaks I can not throw it away. I have a special area in my storage room for items like broken china, ripped jeans, and old pillows with lace coverings. You just never know when you'll need that special "something" to complete a project.

Recently I saw some hand built clay items online. A few of these pieces had every day objects like baskets and leaves pressed into the clay. A fascinating idea that I decided to take even further by pressing an old lace pillow into my clay. The lace left gorgeous marks that were the perfect addition to a few vessels that were less than spectacular.

Another wall hanger

Lace impressions

This afternoon I have two more of these wall hangers cookin' in the kiln with a few other items. I'm excited to bring them to finish fully with the new glazes I acquired. I'm really getting inspired by hand building and have set aside just a little bit of time after working on the visiting Mini Scarlett tomorrow for more hand building with clay.

Just a quick aside...."Listen" the rattie had her tail molded in plaster this morning. I'm very happy to say that it came out brilliantly with the use of those Legos! I'm so fired up! So very fired up about mold making right now. It's making me want to finish all the wax sculpts I started.

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