Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work Continues

Valentine's Day china

This morning I broke the news to my son that we lost Odin. I had been preparing him for Odin's death, but he was still upset to hear the news. Odin was the only rattie I would allow him to hold and pet. I believe that children should learn how to respect animals and treat them well even if they are just children. Later today we will bid Odin farewell for good and then take his little decorated box to the shed outside. The first moment the cold spell breaks I'll bury him in the far corner of my beloved garden. A fitting send off to a beloved pet.

Despite the upset, work continues here. I am preparing for Valentine's Day with a few "mice" boxes and really cool espresso cups! I love these cups and am so excited to bring the ideas in my head onto the porcelain. The work is moving quickly. Much quicker than I expected. I poured all my energy into painting last night and this morning. It felt good and was therapeutic.

New Idocus hangin' out in the kitchen

Another exciting project just starting to brew here in the studio is another JAH painting tutorial (May/June). I'll be creating a roan painting tutorial on the brand new Idocus mold. I'm totally and utterly smitten with this new mold. He is wonderful. I love him! He arrived from the company at the perfect time to cheer me up.

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