Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mini Talk

I almost didn't want to post today cause I was really enjoying those two shots of summer from yesterday, but work really does go on and there is exciting stuff happening in the studio despite the slight blue feelings that pop up here and there.

Mini Scarlett in progress

I wanted to share with you one major piece that is almost near finish in the studio. It's a Mini Scarlett in dappled bay. As my space becomes sparse here in the house and studio the more I am loving the smaller pieces. This mini was a commission slot offered as a "send me your bays" deal.

I get on these jags were I just want to paint one color. I'm happy customers like the colors I want to paint too! Once I paint the color that has been nagging I then I have to paint another color. Right now I'm sorta feeling the need to paint up a black and tan with a few tan dapples along the barrel. of those Mini Doodlebugs that were just released would look smashing with such a color on. Hmm....I need to quiet my mind I think and just finish all that I have started in January. Hard to believe it's almost February. But....after February i'ts March and that means spring and I love the sound of that word!

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