Friday, January 16, 2009

Slow Kinda Day

One stamp design for my pottery

A whole week of school ends with....(drumroll)....a fever and cold for my little one. I suppose its best to get these things out of the way early on, huh? Unfortunately, I suspect that both hubby and myself will be enjoying the fun sometime next week.

So, today proved to be a very slow day of puttering around with some stamp design ideas and getting my reference book for my china painting and ceramic ware up to date. Stuff that I could do at my leisure as water boiled for tea or while cartoons were on. The tons of magazines that arrive at our doorstep are like gold.

Keeping my reference books filled

I scour through all of them for inspiration. Its great to see what companies are producing for the house and home and I especially love anything ceramic. The colors and shapes always spark ideas.

The weekend will be a quiet one. I anticipate making more headway on updating my ceramics website. I'll be sending out advertisements soon so I want to make sure the site is tidy and up to date.

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