Thursday, June 18, 2009


Francesco named him "Puffy"

ARrr....I need to update my blog!

It's sorta crazy-busy here since Francesco got out of school. I didn't realize how much time I truly gained while he was out of the house. Three hours all to myself was nice. Of course, my son is really sweet and loves to be in the studio doing things so I quickly implimented a new "work" schedule for he and I and today proved to be a very fun and productive day. He has begun to explore ceramic sculpture and was being mindful of "thickness" in the clay. Gravity however, got the best of him on the one piece and I tried to explain to him why his sculpture kept sagging. It was a good morning of learning. I love the fact that he has graduated from flat pieces to 3-D. The two that he made have nice substance to them. I'm really excited to see how he glazes them when the time arrives.

This new "no school" schedule has found me dead tired by 9 PM. This is something totally new to me. I've always been the night owl and did my best work between 11PM and 2AM but recently I can't, for the LIFE of me, keep my eyes open and I have been wanting to get to bed straight after I take my sauna at 9.

Yes, there, I said it. I own a sauna. That sounds so pompus, but it's not...really. It's totally one of those individual portable jobbers. It's not all foo foo and cool (although, if given the chance I would jump on a traditional cedar one...oh, you bet) but it's a one seater and I got it cause I hate, I mean I HATE being cold and chilly. So, I've been going to bed right after and sleeping soundly and waking at 4:30 AM. It's been working out very well, but I am not really allowing myself any internet time. Just get up, pour myself a cuppa coffee and I get right to working. I've been up before the birds. It's been rather nice.

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