Saturday, June 27, 2009

BAD Kiln Guardian....BAD!

Sittin' smug

Don't snarl at me! Bad boy!

You know what you did! You totally went off to party while I had important stuff in the kiln. All that time consuming scrolling and slip design hidden behind awful glaze. Hours spent planning where to place the dots and curves, not to mention how cramped my hand was after trying to make these additions to the clay with a cake decorator. Ever use a cake decorator Gargy-G? Yeah, it may be a breeze with frosting, but let me tell ya, it's no cake walk with slip!

This Amaco glaze is just....

Who you seein' Garg-man? Who or what is keeping you away from guarding the kiln? The big reveal of this medallion was coming soon. In another two weeks. I had high hopes for it, but no matter how much you try and convince me that it has a "retro 70's feel" the truth is, no one wants a baby poo colored medallion!

...Words escape me

Pyrometric Cone did HIS job perfectly. He swayed down in a perfect bend and made sure the temperature came to a perfect cone 05 just as Amaco recommends. He reminded me, before firing of course, to prop the lid ever so slightly to allow just a little more oxygen in the kiln for more beautiful results. See, this is where you, Garg-Dude come in. You're job it to make sure nothing interfers with these plans.

Oh what? Me? It's my fault? Well, how do you explain this gem coming from the same firing and the same glaze session?

That is more like it!

See, something is just terribly wrong here. Same glaze company. Same glazing techniques applied and the same amount of glazed placed on the same bisques. It baffles the mind.

So, that is that. Pyrometric Cone is advising me to fire higher to fire off this terrible mess. My son has told me I can make another one and make it better. What is your suggestion Garg-bud?

Beautiful drawing by my son soothes any
mistakes pulled out of the kiln
"Me & Mommy"

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