Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Official...

Mini Ravenhill getting a coat

So, it's official. I'll need a little help now to see those itty bitty eyes on stablemate sized resins. For a few weeks I have been struggling with painting small things. I found it difficult to focus and keep my eyes from getting very watery when I tried to work hard on details. The change happened suddenly. One day I was putting mad dapples on a Bram and workin' his face up and the next was me struggling to see the Working Girl's eyes. I found a nifty magnifying glass and used that to get the details I needed on Working Girl, but I promptly made the appointment to get my eyes checked. It's safe to say, they are my most valuable tool.

The "waiting" shelf in the upper studio

Choosing a pair of glasses was difficult. So many designers and styles but I did find a smart pair. Well, I have another hour before my pupils are back to normal. Those drops they put in the eye during the test are strange!

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