Saturday, June 6, 2009

On The Go...

On sale at my Etsy shop!

On the go again this weekend. I should have started getting ready, but alas, updates to everything on my web pages and my Etsy store is just taking longer that anticipated.

I really, really need an assistant!

I may actually look into this next year when Francesco is in school all day. There may be some Pratt student looking to learn mold making/ceramics/resin production.....slash...mmm....It would probably be a sucky gig. LOL I remember doing some interning in someone's house. They produced graphic design through that house office and boy, was it SUCKY trudging to Queens and back into Brooklyn. I did it twice and quit. ICK.

On sale at my Etsy shop! are two new pieces out of the studio. I found a site with a ton of natural botanicals and went wacky ordering Jackie Berries and White Cap flowers. I think the elements just add that extra "touch" to the pieces. Almost sad to be selling them.

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