Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snuggle Up

The girls snugglin' up

It's raining.....again!

I think we have had maybe 4 days of sun this month. It's set to rain straight through the weekend up until Wed. As much as I love rain, I'm gonna call "uncle" now and hope that the sun makes a strong and lasting appearance very soon.

On yet another rainy day there is nothing better to do but snuggle up and sleep. I did just that this morning and slept late. It was blissful. Today I get things in order in the house and prepare a bit for Father's Day. My husband normally BBQs even though it's "his" day. He just loves BBQing and tonight he pulls his yearly (and famous) all nighter making pulled pork. It's totally worth the long night up stokin' the fires. I normally stay with him for a spell and work on horses with the baby monitor near by in case our son needs us. I prep or lay whites down on pieces. Tonight I have chosen to lay whites on a Mini Independence resin that is being painted chestnut tobiano. It's one of my favorite nights with my husband. Just he and I doing what we love to do and doing it together in our own weird way.

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