Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sweet little Nala

Yesterday I took the Metro North Rail line along the river and did some rescuin'. Some "ratty rescuing" you could say. I read about this little cutie's dilemma a few weeks ago and decided that with the passing of all four of my little ones this past year that I could safely accommodate a rescue. Yesterday, I finally got to meet and take home little sweet Nala who was chucked in a backyard out in Westchester, NY and apparently had quite a time somewhere. Her little nose is all scarred and as I was watching her strike the most interesting poses for me while I took photos I noticed her right paw was missing a digit. Poor thing.

Now, she is safe and sound in a forever home and is the sweetest most gentle and inquisitive little pet. A house full of love in all forms is a beautiful abode.

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