Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy With...

My new boy "Sojourn"
Fraley's "Rayne" resin in a no spot appy

Busy as a bee with:

* Ordering new supplies from Ceramic Supply of NJ. (I LOVE the fact that they deliver straight to the studio on Tuesdays).

* Reorganizing my studio to one day accommodate a larger kiln (My fingers are crossed).

* Taking portrait shots of my husband for his business card. (I've decided men are more vain than woman).

* Sanding down a religious statue outside our home. (Somehow I was deemed the official "religious statue" painter. There are two more of these statues waiting in the wings for me).

* Thinking about all the things in the wet box that need to be cleaned (Sleepy bunnies, rat sculpts and wheel thrown boxes).

* Daydreaming about that brand new horse show coming to the Poconos (I really could use a show right about now).

So, it's been a wee bit quiet on the blog this week, but I promise to have photos of a ton of stuff soon. Until then though, here is my newest boy for my own personal collection. His name is "Sojourn" and I just adore this Fraley sculpture. It reminds me of most of the horses I've ridden at the barn.

Another shot of Sojourn

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