Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gifts In Stoneware

Napkin holder and creamer

Ok, so like I mentioned earlier last week, my best friend of many, many years is FINALLY getting married. They are having a small bridal shower for her. I got the idea to make her some pottery to go along with the table cloth and cloth napkins she had down on her want list. The cloth items are all white with some sheeny squares. The perfect backdrop for juicy pottery.

So, this is what I came up with to compliment what I purchased from her list: four napkin holders, a creamer, and a sugar bowl. (I can safely show you cause her computer bit the dust a few years ago and she has been without one since then. So I know I'm not spoiling the surprise.) I haven't really pulled pottery in months. Since January I think. I'm just beyond disgusted with my small kiln. I can fire up one pot and 2 small things at one shot. Really a waste of electricity for cone 6 if you ask me.

I need a big kiln...STAT!

I never even intended to pull pottery. I mean, these things were just beyond my reach. At least, that is what it felt like in school when I was trudgin to and fro on campus from illustration class to pottery class. I saw the school's huge gas kilns and their rows of wheels and the pottery majors full of mud working away in their private, dirty little studios and thought, "Seems too secluded and complicated for me." Then, years down the road, I find myself making little medallions in my toaster oven. That is when the thought of buying a small kiln hits me. A whole new world opens and then I began to wonder about wheels and if a small one would shut up the little voice inside that is crying to make pottery again like I did years ago in college. I could make all the crappy vessels I wanted without anyone looking over my shoulder or judging how I'm doing. No one to be tapping their fingers waiting to use the wheel I just snagged after waiting an hour for another student to be finished. Everything would be on MY time. MY clay, MY glaze colors, MY....everything. Just me and my thoughts alone in a secluded studio...away from commissions and forums and the routines of daily living.

I find a small wheel and buy it and then find out the ceramics store in NJ delivers to Brooklyn on Tuesdays and all of a sudden I'm neck deep in lbs of clay, greenware and glazes. Now I can even give serious gifts to loved ones and feel truly proud. I've even sold a table full of finished pieces! Never in a million years did I ever see myself doing this. Never.

I have to say that I pulled the best stuff I have ever pulled these last two weeks. Of course, it could be the new kiln guardian that Barb sent me. Sorta wierd....he comes along and more disasters? It could be that I'm just really inspired to be celebrating with my best friend and doing so the very best way I know how. Making something for her. I'm so happy these days are finally happening for her. I almost can't wait to have fun with her again and yuk it up.

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