Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Question....

Today a question for the ages. I ask it cause I truly don't understand some things and this is one thing that boggles my mind. How on EARTH do these orange cords get AND stay knotted?

No matter how you store it THIS is what happens!
Other than looking deliciously cute
Oreo can't seem to get the knots out either.

Finally get the knots out and
they return...mid use!!!!

No one seems to have the answer so I'll just throw in a random desk shot to round this post out and make it somewhat artsy.

Random desk shot.

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gj berg said...

Partially due to how they are stored. Partially how the cord is "trained" to be status quo.

My family has always winds these around hand and bicep, then holds with a few loops and connecting the ends together.