Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Painting Projects

The sea horse primed and getting first coats.

New painting projects are in the works. I thought it might be fun to document them as I go along. The sea horse has been the most fun since I don't have to stick with normal equine colors for this project. Purples, pinks and different shades of blue will do for this one. I'll also pull out the Pearl Ex powders. Those are always fun to use.

Other colors being painted today are a rose grey, a dark chestnut, a bay and a blue roan appaloosa.


First coats are complete now acrylic and oil washes will be added.

A Sarah Rose "Affinity" resin being painted a chestnut.

Just a few (that would fit on the desk) Im working on today.

An Eberl mule.

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