Thursday, August 16, 2012

In The Field

My portable easel.
Feels good to use it again.

I promised myself that one more time this summer I'd make it back to my cousin's farm in order to paint all the beautiful landscapes that she and her husband's farm had to offer.

There is so much to paint here that I'm on overdrive. This morning I settled for the original view that inspired me from my last visit. The corn field right outside her house called once again and early this morning the entire field was surrounded with fog. There is something mysterious and enticing to me about fog. I was unable to resist.

The challenge of painting live in the field is that everything changes constantly. I scrambled to set up my easel and paints before the fog disappeared for good. I had about ten minutes left of the fog when the entire landscape changed. From that point on I had about an hour of time before the sky turned completely blue and clouds formed and everything was drenched in yellow rays of the sun. It was at this point I had to stop painting this particular painting. What was on canvas was completely different than what was before me.

I will revisit the same location early tomorrow morning in the hopes of finishing out this canvas painting. I took some photos as I was painting.

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