Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The One That Got Away

After driving around for about 20 minutes
this spot captured my attention.

All the paintings I produced while visiting the farm in Nescopeck are sitting in my living room. Every time I pass the room I keep making mental notes on areas to change on each one. There is one, however, that is still baffling me. It's the large landscape with way too much happening in the foreground.

The painting started normal like every other painting, but quickly went astray. I documented the painting process and tried like hell to make sense of the foreground.

While painting and documenting the wind kicked up and a storm started to blow in over the mountains. Struggling with the elements on top of trying to tame color, value and composition were just too much. A step back to view the piece from a distance made me dislike it even more. A step back, however, also revealed an even better view to paint from the other side of the mountain so I grabbed my last canvas (a square) and began painting.

After about an hour wound up with yet another unfinished canvas. The first though, remains unfinished and it's bothering me that I struggled so hard with the foreground. I'm dubbing it the one that got away.

The upper portion of the painting turned
out to be my favorite part.

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