Friday, August 24, 2012

More Live Sketching (Hillside Farms)

They have a peacock.
He's magnificently beautiful.

I woke yesterday with the urge to live sketch. I ignored the urge for most of the day until the thought hit me that sketching at the local farm would prove to be a lot of fun.

The dairy store has a constant flow of people both young and old and the grounds are alive with all sorts of farm animals, including cows and horses. Both animals proved to be a challenge for me to draw yesterday. Im not sure why, but the birds sketched out easy and I absolutely fell in love with their new peacock. I must paint a picture of him. Trying to capture the blue of his neck will be a challenge. Im not even sure I have the right color blues for the job. It will be fun though.

Here are the best sketches from the excursion.
Oh and PS...I highly recommend the "Chicken Scratch" flavored ice cream.

The shape of his head intrigued me.

With old age comes a saggy neck...
which is fun to draw.

Two different women, same hair style
both standing next to each other in line.

The best part about drawing a binky in a kid's mouth?
They never let go of that binky so it's easy to capture on paper.

The duck...he seems very sad to me.


I forced myself to draw hands.
This was the best one I drew that day.

This is the face, of the man whose hand I drew
holding the ice cream.

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