Monday, August 20, 2012


Dump the bag and sort it all out.

At least once or twice a year I have to deal with restocking the studio with supplies. Sometimes restocking is fun because I allow myself time to explore new art products I've never used before. Some days, like yesterday, it isn't fun because there just isn't any time to really explore. Go in and get what is needed and get back into the studio.

Certain supplies just by their nature are fun. Like, yes, rocks. Rocks are fun to find, pick and paint. Since the early summer I've been on a rock painting jag that flared up yesterday after purchasing new paints, which included some lovely cadmium colors. Since I was stocking up I decided to also stock up on rocks. The excursion out doors hunting for usable rocks was probably the most fun I had all day.

These were the most inspiring as I walked on the trail.

Of course what outdoor excursion would be complete without hearts? I found a ton of rocks that looked like hearts. I had to share the three best ones with you.

Heart number one.

Heart number two.

Heart number three.

Random shot of the studio desk.

Preparing some tile necklaces for Halloween.

Finished seahorse. Currently for sale on Ebay.

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