Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Grab a box and fill it for a dollar!

Sundays find me snooping about at the local flea market for inspirations. No matter how hard I try I just can't resist the call to visit the Garden Drive In. There is always something to find and one vendor in particular is my personal favorite for a constant supply of enticing items for my craft projects. She's cheap too. Fill a box for a $1! Now THAT's my kind of craft deal!

This weekend found me once again at the flea market scouring for specific items for the new showcase/store front I'll be selling from. This store front was all I seemed to talk about all weekend to friends visiting from up state NY. It's great to talk to other artistic friends about these kinds of things because ideas flow and brain storming is generally a very productive thing. My mind is in overload at the moment.

Was on the hunt for tea cups.
Could NOT resist this one!

Unwanted tea cups become pretty candles.

Of course what project wouldn't be complete
without some hearts showing up?

But so did a smilie face! LMOL

Finding these chunks was so odd that I spared both from
the double boiler and put them in my china cabinet.

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