Monday, August 13, 2012

The Seahorse....and Beyond

Seahorse (or "Merhorse") coming near finish.

Working on the seahorse has been a ton of fun and it prompted a whole new vision of four seahorses on a base. I ignored this vision for about two days and then gave in early this morning. This is what transpired. The seashore, if you were wondering, will be for sale soon. Most likely via Ebay.

So basically it started like this:

Choose an appropriate base to
adhear the new seahorse diorama to.

Pull out many little Stablemates to chop up for the project.

Begin chopping.

Chop some more.

Use an open flame to attach
limbs to body parts.

Three newly formed foal bodies ready
to become baby seahorses.

Of course, other foals were used
in the making of the three. This is the carnage that was left.

So much carnage my Dremel bit died half way through.

I decided to add a "mama" seahorse.
Hot molten Breyer...gooey

Added the body parts to the stand
using Chavant clay.

Repositioned pieces to get just the right effect.

Created a 2-D sketch to follow when
adding the epoxy tails and fins.

More to come!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful concept. They are going to be stunning. :)

Tami B

Anonymous said...

The merhorse is coming along beautifully. You did a great job on the colors for the water. I can't wait to see the second brood finished- what a great use for those ubiquitous stablemate foals!