Friday, February 13, 2009

Bisque Day

Some bisques I've started painting

So, last night I poured and put together the very first "Listen' sculpture. I was a nervous wreck the entire time. After about two hours I had one rattie together.


I had no idea putting porcelain pieces together would be so time consuming. Of course, the last piece I created (Hedgie) was more simple in design than "Listen". Hopefully the firing process with "Listen" will be as stress free and seamless and Hedgie's was. Of course, only two ratties will fit in my kiln at one time. She wound up being much larger than any other sculpture I've made.

Brownie getting the
first layer of china paints

Because there is a size issue I thought about pouring a few in earthenware, which is a lower fire clay and will require less time firing, but decided late last night that I really think I want the entire "Listen" run to be in fine porcelain. I just love porcelain. I love the way it looks...feels and acts when I'm working with it. I also prefer to paint it once it is fired.

It will be a while before the ratties will be ready to be painted so until then I've started painting a few other bisques. Painting all those non horse items like the boxes and espresso sets really gave me some good practice. It feels great to be painting horses in china paints again. The paint is just flowing exactly how I want it to. Yeah!

Layering color down the back

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