Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Slowly uncovering the very first rattie
from the plaster mold.

RAT! RAT! RAT!!!!! That word, screamed on the top of my lungs this morning was the most precious sounding scream! It signified the official production of the "Listen" rattie sculpture in porcelain!!!

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!

Top view of the "Listen" mold

Today I checked on the plaster mold to find that it had dried fully and was ready for the first "pour and pitch" test run. The very first piece poured is always filled with bits of plaster and is considered the test. The first piece poured beautiful (even the pour hole looks nice) and the first piece came out of it's plaster mold easy. That means I created the multi part mold just right! I'm feeling rather proud. (Lesli, you are a wonderful teacher! Thank you!!!)

The tail will need some clean up
but it came out smoothly and cleanly.

Every part of "Listen" came out well except the ears. I totally lost the ears in this casting, but figure I can make them individually as I go along which will be fun since I can slip in a few dumbo ratties in the run. The dumbos are my personal favorite. Now, I need a plaster "wet box" to hold all these extra parts before I attach them and will try and make that today before I pour any more ratties. It's a most exciting time in the studio! I'm so thrilled to share the unveiling with you all! Yeah!!!!

I can't wait to see a few of these guys lined up
and waiting for china paint!!!

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