Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow & Ladybug

Tasting the snow

The rat mold that sits in the boiler room down in the basement has been plaguing my thoughts. Did I section off the sculpture well enough? Will the ears come out? Will I be able to attach the tail? Will the porcelain slip give me issues? Was my plaster too old?

All these questions and thoughts have been bombarding me during the day. I am very excited about this sculpture. It is the first multiple mold I've made and I feel like I've just learned how to ride a bike and there is a whole world to see now. Naturally there are more mice and rat images coming out from my brain and two ideas that came to me yesterday were so strong I had to bring them out at least on paper.

Playing with her pet ladybug

The images I get in my head are fully completed pieces. I can see them in porcelain fully painted sitting on beautiful walnut or cherry wood bases. The pieces turn in my mind and I can see every angle. I've always had this ability to turn and twist things in my head. I can change colors, rearrange items, shapes, even furniture in my head. Its a handy little talent when you are bored and have to wait in line somewhere or when you have to wait for your turn at a doctor's office.

Of course these two strong images will have to wait till my JAH deadline is complete and the Idocus has been fully painted. My editor has asked me to paint him up in a roan and since that is one of my favorite colors to paint I was happy to oblige. He will be a future sales item (for those that might be wondering). He is most certainly a powerful new sculpt from Breyer. I think I may have to get another one to chop up.

Well, Idocus awaits. Shooo little mice! We'll play later.

Idocus making progress as a roan

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