Sunday, February 15, 2009


Porcelain mouse bracelet I'm keeping
for me 'cause's so cute!

Ok, so today I received my first return ever. It's been nearly a decade since I started painting horses for a living and I got the dreaded "I need to return this cause I don't like him" letter this afternoon. Sorta took me off guard. Yes, this news most definitely pushed me into a new reality here. I feel dirty. Eewww..

One great thing about being a part of a huge Italian family is that we talk business all the time and I never, ever, EVER consider the money placed on a horse or any other item bought from my studio mine till I get that positive confirmation. I learned that from all those Sunday afternoon talks. I have coverage. Hell...not to sound snobby, but here goes.....I really don't need the job. I do this out of sheer love of doing so hearing that someone doesn't like their purchase sorta hits the heart even more 'cause the piece and the final prep of shipping were done out of love.

It's ok though. My interest in resin and plastic is totally waning. Anyone who takes the time to read this blog can see it. It's all "china, china, china, china, some horse talk, china...."

The resin market is completely fickle and unpredictable. Not that I can't handle that, its just tiresome and counter productive to the creative energy that flows within to try and figure out what will be hot and what won't. It's become tiresome to bring something to full LSQ too. I'm slowly coming to the realization that I'm not fitting into this mold any longer. Im falling into the "let the muse go man," ideal. Im sure other artists out there are feeling the same way they are just not expressing it.

It is at times like this I am happy for the china work. It spans the globe and every taste. From horse collector to regular woman to even man. Everyone likes a nicely made piece of china and with "Listen's" release just right around the corner it is fruitless for me to get wrapped up in feeling icky about a return. It happens and I am happy to be able to satisfy my customers. Always happy to make them happy even if it means I have to tuck my tail between my legs and wonder wtheck? It's ok. Its cool.

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