Friday, February 27, 2009

Fast Week

Custom glazing a porcelain rattie

Where did the week go? The only good thing about weeks flying past me is that pretty soon I'll be pool side with my son. Spring and summer are my favorite times of the year and I'm anxious to be loungin' in the dog days of summer. Until then however, there is ALOT going on here. I went around and just took a few snap shots of the projects on the front burner.

Front and center is "Listen". I'm just so jazzed that this six part mold is working nicely for me and that the porcelain fired beautifully. No cracks or holes in the clay. It all fired up well. The best part about this cone 6 porcelain is painting it. It is so creamy and smooth that I can begin applying custom glaze right on the bisque. The bisque takes the paint well and leaves the sculpture in a semi gloss state which is very lovely on the eyes. Not too matte and not overly glossy. It's very exciting.

Peekin' inside the kiln this morning

As you can see, both "Listen" and "Brownie" made it in the kiln this morning for another firing. I'm fairly sure that this will be the next to last firing for the Brownie. After a few more touch up's here and there, he'll be ready for sale.

Also on the front burners is a Fraley "Bram" and of course little "Jellibaby" (hidin' in the background there). I put aside the Warhammer sprays and welcomed Testor's Dull Coat back in my studio. Hopefully my order won't take too long. The Bram is actually ready for oils and acrylics, but the Jellibaby will need the Testors. I'm literally lost without matte spray.

Workbench full of projects

Sleepy Bunny now molded

Lastly, the Sleep Little Bunny is reproducing itself in silicone right now, which is the first step in making earthenware bunnies. Now that I know how to make a six part mold, the bunny's two part one is a cake walk. So, I'll make as many bunnies as I possibly can, or until I want to put a pick through my brain. He (and she) will be offered just like the Sleep Little Mouse. Each one will be different and very affordable. It's going to be a very exciting project. I can't wait to have little bisques in my hand.

Well, have a great weekend everyone!

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