Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Get An F!

Comparison of matte sprays
New spray on left. Old spray on right.


You get an F!

I'm tired of your company changing the formula on your products. There was a time where I'd pay $6 for your matte varnish and it was the best and most incredible truly matte varnish out there. It was so matte it made Testor's Dull Coat look shiny! Slowly over the years the price increased. I didn't mind because the product was fantastic. No other spray came close to your excellence.

Then you started changing the formula. Every time I placed an order the price would go up and the formula would change. The very last time I ordered late in 2008 I cringed at the recent price change. $10 was quite a bit for a can of spray, but the new formula was actually fast drying and super matte with very little odor. The "very little odor" was a plus, I must admit. Sometimes change is good.

But you guys get a big FAT RED BLARING F! You changed the formula YET AGAIN and now you've gone so far off the deep end with change that the fixative isn't even MATTE any longer! IT'S SUPER GLOSSY! Now at $15 a can I must not only give you guys an F, but I must take my hard earned money else where and will.

Testors....can you forgive me for leaving you?

Now...this stress level I'm experiencing is dangerous. Time for some Pop Tart therapy.

Sleepy Bunny getting molded

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