Friday, February 20, 2009

New Life!

Sleepy Little Bunny

There is nothing as beautiful and precious as new life! I want to send out a very hearty congratulations today to our cousins Jane and Kevin on the birth of their second son Luke. He is finally here and we all can't wait to meet our new little cousin!!!!


So snug

Speaking of new life I guess I've had babies on the brain. I took my son to him the Museum of Natural History yesterday for the first time. He is no longer a toddler, but a little boy able to appreciate the dinosaurs and the displays and I was taken back by the fact that those baby days are truly gone. As my son is getting older now I find myself reminiscing all those days changing diapers and cooing. What an opportunity God has given me. It has been truly and utterly beautiful. It is hard to believe it has been almost four years since his birth.

I guess it's no surprise with all this new life thinking that some of that has filtered into two new sculptures I am working on. I wanted to share them with you. Both have been made for the "Sleepy" line I started with "Sleepy Little Mouse". The first I am calling "Sleepy Little Bunny" and he is just a little squirt of a thing that can be held in the hand. I have a few more adjustments on him and then I'll start making him in earthenware and painting them up. I think that I need to freshen up on bunny colors!

"Sleep Little Puppy" too sleepy
to hold his head up

"Sleepy Little Puppy" is a pudge!

"Sleepy Little Puppy" from the top

The second sculpture came out of no where. I normally don't have puppies on the brain but this image flashed into my head when I grabbed a clump of wax and one thing led to another which led to another baby sculpt. This is "Sleepy Little Puppy". No special breed. Your typical mushy, playful mutt. The round thing in front of him is a ball.

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