Monday, February 16, 2009


Drying porcelain

I'm all excited today. The very first rat sculpture is together (only took 4 hours) and is drying. Despite the length of time it took to assemble her and clean her up I'm beaming and am really excited at the prospect of many little ratties waiting in line to be painted.

I fear my original plan of 25-30 pieces may have to be shortened considerably. That amount will be unrealistic with the overall length of time this piece is taking to put together. Perhaps once I clean a few more I'll get into a rhythm, but basically that long tail (which isn't tucked onto her or laying on a base) is causing issues. One swipe and it falls off. So, extra care is being taken with each seam line I remove. I'm going super slow. That tail will remain a problem even during the loading of the kiln, the painting of the piece, and it will continue to be an issue when shipping. Although it looks great I will reconsider tail positions in my next pieces.

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