Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out To Lunch

"Jellibaby" bisque

I've been out to lunch this week. Between various deadlines and meetings the week has pretty much slipped past me without so much as a mention on the blog, but a good amount of work was completed so far. I believe it's best to just show you what has transpired in the studio from late last week and keep chit chat to a minimum.

Firstly, I'm excited about the wonderful opportunity Addi Velasquez has given me to paint up one of her gorgeous new "Jellibaby" foals. Putting gesso on this drooly bisque for cold painting was probably the hardest thing I had to do this week. Now that I know how to china paint I really have to have good reason to cold paint a bisque and not china paint it. This baby has a good reason to get gessoed though. She is going to be a little starlet. Do stay tuned!

I really couldn't stop staring at Jellibaby. She has little baby hair on her belly and a beautiful face. I was just in awe of the sculpting detail and found myself wanting to dive back into Ophelia my own pony sculpt which really needs alot of work and help, and the first order of business was chopping off her head. I chopped it off, put it down and then walked away. I'm now aware that I'm totally in over my head with this one. Only time and stronger observation can help now.


Bay commission

On a happier note though, I'm thrilled to have completed a Mini Scarlett this week and was able to fire the very first porcelain rattie sculpture. "Listen" came out lovely and the porcelain is just so beautiful. If I can streamline the actual mold pouring I'll really be in the game here. Right now the "Listen" mold is taking a long time to produce. I believe it's because I'm nervous about knocking pieces of her off and having to back peddle. I hate moving backwards. Until I find a more suitable method to pouring I'm going at a very slow snail's pace.

First views of "Listen" in porcelain

"Listen" ready for china painting

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