Monday, February 9, 2009

Sales Day

Valentine's Day Button Boxes

Today is a day of sales here in the studio. I've been preparing many pieces in time for Valentine's Day.

I am so pleased with the response to my hand drawn pieces because I really love the fact that I can marry my love of illustrating and playing with porcelain. It is also a bonus that I can draw little mice and ratties to my heart's content and those images will always be safe under the glaze. I just love that part. Most of my illustrations from years ago have started to deteriorate. The paper either wasn't archival or the mixture of mediums started to fight with one another on the illustration boards. It's very sad to see all that work turning awful colors or fading right on the paper. Such is the life of an illustrator. We create for the moment. We draw and paint for publication. It needs to look good at that moment. Worry about what happens later.

Espresso set.
Currently for sale.

Espresso set .
Currently for sale.

The sets above will be auctioned off tonight. (Please be sure to join my news group for more info). I know a few people will be upset that the button boxes sold so quickly and were offered the way they were. I felt that four auctions were just too much for me and not everyone likes to wait for an auction to end. I also like the fact that these OOAK pieces are rare and snagging them might be fun for collectors. It makes them truly special and more valuable, I believe. The market isn't being flooded and the collectors have something truly special in their china collections.

If you missed out, have no fear! You know me; I'm always working away on something and I'm on a mouse and rattie jag right now. I can't stop drawing the little critters. I purchased so many different blank porcelain pieces from the distributor that my hands itch when I go into my storage room.

First Spring Dance
(I love her chunky thighs!)

Right off the bat I can tell you that I'm having a blast working on some mini plates (they stand on their own. ADORABLE!) and I'm working on a tiny clock. Little mice dancing and scampering on a clock with tutus and jumpers on? What could be cuter? Ohh, wait....a baby hedgehog with his tum-tum exposed in my "Harriet" sculpture. (The lump in the very back transformed into another baby hedgie). Yes....been working on that too over the weekend.'s an explosion of cuteness here. I guess you could say that with the warm weather we experienced this past weekend here in NYC I have spring on the brain!

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