Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inspiration at the Dinner Dance

Every year my church has a huge function in support of the school. It's a rather posh affair with lots of dancing and music and an all around good time with family and friends. Every year we look forward to this event and this year we REALLY were looking forward to it because we have all been sick and out of it since December it seems. Thankfully, everyone seems to have recovered from all the illnesses and we all had a fantastic time last night.

Dancing is always fun and the movement is inspiring in a way that no other form of art is for me. I was, however, shocked to see that on every plate was a place card with a pretty picture on it. The pictures were drawn by the children from the school thanking us for the support. Needless to say, seeing these little gems of art was one of the highlights of the night. I totally flipped over them. I gathered as many as I could from our table. I wanted to share them with you because they are filled with so much happiness and light.

Three Little Hearts

Strong hands to tackle any problem
that might come their way
(...cause those clouds look pretty ominous)

Happy sun peeking out from the corner

You know I just love this little tree!

A very infectious smile

He's totally dancing!
(That t-shirt is a trip!)

How can you look at all
those smiles and not smile yourself?

And of course, we brought my son to the affair. He comes everywhere with us. He is truly such a fun and happy person to be around. Right now he hates having his picture taken, but I insist anyway. He'll enjoy these photos one day.

You can't see me
I'm hiding behind bread!

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