Sunday, February 5, 2012

All Those Commercials And Stuff....

Brigitte Eberl's "Bjalla"
resin in progress

I watch zero TV.


It just doesn't hold my interest hence I don't have cable or a working TV. I do *have* a television in the house. It's this old set that has a DVD player and an old Nintendo 64 gaming system hooked up to it. If I or my son want we pop a DVD in the player and watch. Most days we either play board games or have adventures with his toys or we draw together. The TV cabinet usually remains closed.

Of course, the problem with this comes in when there IS something on that I do want to watch, like the Super Bowl. I love the commercials during the Superbowl. I find them most inspiring and rejuvenating and I just couldn't participate this year. I'm sorta bummed.

I thought about going up to my parents to watch, but neither my mom or dad watch sports, esp football. My dad is certainly not into sports and I never learned the game of football. I have no clue how it's played so I can't even pretend to enjoy it. No one has ever taken the time to teach me and hence I remain clueless. I guess a young woman learns such things mostly from male figures in her life. Well, I learned how to field dress animals and fillet fish from mine. I can field dress a bird without blinking an eye then cook it up for you how ever you want, but football.... that's GREEK to me and honestly a whole ball of messy confusion. But the few commercials that are circulating on Facebook did bring joy and inspiration. Perhaps next year I'll plan accordingly.

"Silent Admiration"
Graphite and Watercolor on archival bristol

"Silent Admiration" (detail)
Graphite and Watercolor on archival bristol

"Silent Admiration" (detail)
Graphite and Watercolor on archival bristol

"Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age." ~ Jeanne Moreau

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fordsmtack & costumes said...

I watch zero tv also, I wonder if most artist is like that? Can't be w/o the internet but tv, no phone (just made myself get a cell for Dr. appointments)I can do with out the distractions. My mind has enough imagination to where it can, I can live w/o noise I'm not afraid of my own thoughts and entertain myself. I like and enjoy the quiet, noise makes me nervous. lol