Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Bitty Bosco resin before
new glasses

1.50…that's what the tag on the new pair of glasses I just purchased read. Hard to believe I needed a stronger prescription for my eyes, but as of late I have been having a difficult time working on the smaller models. Little by little I was noticing my eyes straining more and more. I convinced myself that everything was fine until I went to take photos. After the shots were finished I'd sit back and be amazed at how awful parts of my work looked. This week I couldn't physically look and work without everything being blurry. I'll need a proper evaluation but in the meantime a quick pair if stronger reading glasses came to the rescue.

Bitty Bosco resin after
new glasses

"Intermission II"
Graphite, Acrylics and Watercolor on paper

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